At BIDDLE INC, we have a strong team of specialized professionals and technicians to ensure high-quality performance and tackle future challenges. We provide services with the highest standards of safety and accident prevention, delivering the quality and seriousness that our clients expect.


years of experience with professionals and highly qualified technicians


BIDDLE INC was born from the vision of a group of shareholders who became interested in the rapid growth of the oil sector. By joining forces, they managed to provide logistics services to oil companies in the Amazon Region.

Image: Paving of Trompeteros Airport.


BIDDLE INC constructs multiple oil drilling platforms in various locations in the Peruvian Amazon.

Image: San Martín 3 Drilling Platform, Lot 88, Camisea, Cusco.


The company began to offer highly specialized extra-heavy transport and oversized transport services using modular units with up to 32 lines.

Image: Transportation of mining equipment


The company extends its services in the Republic of Guyana, Georgetown Base. On August 18, 2018, we changed our corporate name from “Corporación Petrolera S.A.C” to" BIDDLE INC S.A.C".

Image: Biddle Base in Georgetown, Republic of Guyana


In 2019, we began venturing into state tenders. Towards the end of the same year, we closed one of our most significant contracts with Petroperú: The installation service of 19 valves in the Norperuano Oil Pipeline.

Image: Installation service of 19 valves.

Our Mission

We are a company dedicated to provide services in the construction, energy, mining, and transportation sectors under the highest standards of safety and quality within a framework of social and environmental responsibility. 


Our Vision

To be the most recognized and trusted corporation in the economic sectors and countries in which we operate, and a landmark for the quality of our works and services.

Corporate Principles

✔Customer orientation

✔Perseverance in work

✔Adequate work environment

✔Effective communication and teamwork

✔Continuous learning and innovation

✔Safety and respect for the environment 



Corporate Values






✔Customer Orientation




Nuestra misión

Our Customers

Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

  • Safety, Occupational Health and Environment
    We are aware that the health and integrity of our workers are first, and it constitutes the most important value.
  • Commitment
    Prevent accidents and occupational diseases by managing inherent risks efficiently, while taking care of the environment where we carry out our activities.
  • Goal
    To develop a prevention culture with clear safety guidelines, occupational health and the environment.
  • Approach Nº1
    We pay careful attention to our work environment. In addition, we recognize good safety practices.
  • Approach Nº2
    We intervene in risky situations with anticipation, by spreading awareness regarding the consequences that can result from unsafe conditions or behavior.
  • Approach Nº3
    We elaborate an agreement that discusses the safest way to work, and constantly supervise to make sure safety protocols are being implemented.